ALX-0171 unique route of administration

The physical robustness and stability of Nanobodies allows them to survive the extreme conditions needed for drug nebulisation. ALX-0171 is the first Nanobody treatment developed for delivery directly into the lungs by nebulisation, i.e. the site of RSV infection.

ALX-0171 mode of action

ALX-0171 (42kD) has first-in-class potential for the treatment of RSV infection. It is a trivalent, Nanobody that inhibits RSV replication by binding the F-protein on the virus’ surface and thereby neutralises RSV by blocking virus uptake into cells, allowing the host’s immune system to clear the virus.


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Webcast presentation: Ablynx reports positive top line results for its inhaled anti-RSV Nanobody (ALX-0171) in a Phase I/IIa study in infants hospitalised with an RSV infection
3 May 2016 - Zwijnaarde, Belgium

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