Sanofi acquires Ablynx

Press releases

19 June 2018
Sanofi completes its acquisition of Ablynx following the expiration of the squeeze-out procedure

14 May 2018
Sanofi and Ablynx announce the successful results of the intial tender offer period for Ablynx and commencement of squeeze-out tender period

29 March 2018
Previously announced tender offers by Sanofi to acquire Ablynx will commence on 4 April 2018

29 January 2018
Sanofi to acquire Ablynx for €3.9 billion

Belgian Offer Documents

Prospectus & Response Memorandum

Prospectus - Voluntary and conditional takeover bid in cash by Sanofi (English - Dutch)
Response memorandum (English - Dutch)

Summary of the Prospectus

Summary of the Prospectus (English/Dutch versions: please refer to the Prospectus which incorporates the Summary/French)

Acceptance and Withdrawal Forms

Acceptance and Withdrawal Forms (English/Dutch versions: please refer to the Prospectus which incorporates the Acceptance and Withdrawal Forms/French)


Placard (English - Dutch - French)


U.S. Offer Documents

Sollicitation/recommendation statement of Ablynx (English)
Tender Offer Statement of Sanofi (English)


Information Line

Belgian Offer (French/English speaking representatives)

MacKenzie Partners, Inc.
Brussels: +32 (0)2 401 14 88
Belgium: 0800-722-80 (Toll Free)
Paris: +33 1 76 77 45 22
France: 0805-638367 (Toll Free)
London: +44-203 936 5345

U.S. Offer

MacKenzie Partners, Inc.
1(212) 929-5500 (Call Collect)
U.S. & Canada: 1(800)322-2885 (Toll Free)

- The U.S. Offer  and Withdrawal Rights Expire at 5:00 P.M., New York Time on May 4, 2018, unless the offer is extended or earlier terminated.
- If tendering through the Notice of Guarantee provision; ADSs must be delivered within two (2) Business Days after the date of delivery of the Notice of Guarantee