Principles, codes and guidelines

Principles, Codes and Guidelines

The Corporate Governance of the Company has been organised pursuant to the Belgian Companies Code and the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Company’s Corporate Governance Charter and the Corporate Governance Statement have been adopted in accordance with the recommendations set out in the Belgian Corporate Governance Code (the “CGC”) that was issued on 9 December 2004 by the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee and subsequently amended on 12 March 2009. The Charter is regularly updated and the date of modification is mentioned each time.

Articles of Association
July 2018
Corporate Governance Charter
December 2017

The application of corporate governance rules at Ablynx are in line with the recommendations of the Belgian Code on Corporate Governance which came into effect as of 1 January 2005. Ablynx stands by the principles of this Code.

For further information on the Corporate Governance Code please contact us:

Code of Conduct
October 2017